Welcome to my PHP/HTML/CSS/AJAX website!

Why this website? There are plenty of websites with example code but most of them share one or more problems: the example code is outdated or it contains bugs.

Maybe not perfect but the examples on this website are tested and are shown online.

Webservices: PHP SOAP -> PHP5 nuSOAP

SOAP is a popular way to share functionality from your application to the outside world. PHP5 has build in SOAP functionality but its a thug job to get it working (working examples are welcome!). PHP4 had zero SOAP support so the NuSphere Corporation developed NuSOAP (SOAP Toolkit for PHP) in 2005. A long time ago!

The original code can be found here but cannot be executed using PHP5 (classname "soapclient" is a reserved word in PHP5). Then i found this site, updated, bugs fixed and working under PHP5 but crappy examples.